A man was walking along the street and noticed numerous laborers building a new construction. He stopped and asked a few of the workers what they were doing. The first worker responded that he was pouring concrete. The second worker responded that he was stacking bricks. The third worker stopped, smiled wide, and responded that he was building a cathedral. While all the workers were contributing to the building of a great cathedral, the third worker had in the forefront of his mind how the small part that he was doing ultimately contributed to the much bigger objective.

There is something extraordinary in every ordinary task we do throughout our lives. In a very narrow view of most tasks, they may seem trivial. However when considered in the context of the bigger picture, they are truly magnificent.

Is a mom just mixing soup in a bowl ? Is she just putting dirty clothes in a washing machine ? Isn’t she doing so much more than that? She’s creating a home for her children to mature and blossom into great adults who can fulfill the great plan that God has for them. Aren’t all those “menial” tasks part of the great endeavor?

If 40 whacks are needed to chop down a tree, is the 40th whack any more important than the 1st or the 22nd? How many little advancements and steps were needed in most of this world’s greatest moments?

God has created the Earth and blessed people with the responsibility to take care of it. There are innumerable tasks that need to be done that will range from those needed just for survival to those that enhance life and make it more enjoyable. Not all tasks are great feats of valor and prestige, but that does not mean these small tasks are any less heroic. In fact, just the opposite.  

We can look at the parable of the widow’s two coins. She had given little in absolute terms, but she had given a HUGE amount relative to what she had, and Jesus saw this. He not only noticed it, but pointed it out to the rest of His apostles as an example of how one should work and give in this world.

I am convinced God has a plan for each of us. God has a plan for the whole world. God’s ultimate plan is comprised of each of the plans for individuals. Everyone is important. If anyone is negligent in their duty, the whole world suffers. This also means that the whole world benefits when each of us does what God had put us on this earth to do. This doesn’t mean that we are under pressure to perform some amazing feat. While that may happen in some cases, the only thing God asks for us is to diligently work to fulfill the purpose that he gave us. God knows what he has blessed us with and what we are capable of.

There is no need for any worry. We just have to try. Even if we try and there is an apparent failure, God will still use that “failure” to some greater purpose. Those “failures” may help us to be more humble. They may be good learning experiences to help us in future situations. They may help others to learn from our failures so that they don’t make the same mistakes. They could help us to better appreciate our successes. All the possible benefits are too numerous to mention.

In a world with billions of people, only a handful can be political leaders, owners of huge corporations,  movie stars, top athletes, etc. There aren’t enough countries for millions of people to be President or King. Businesses only need a few people at the top directing the company. Each sport is only going to have one championship team. However, just like a clock, all of our lives are interconnected and serve a greater purpose…God’s purpose.